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Custom Products

Hall Manufacturing specializes in creating complex or typical custom plastic extrusions to meet our customers' developing and changing needs. We tackle new projects with enthusiasm and ingenuity. Innovative profiles and exacting quality control are part of our every day work. As part of our commitment to provide the highest quality parts, our designers and Production Team will work closely with you to understand your needs and prevent errors before they occur.

Extruded Plastic ProfilesWe draw on our problem solving experience to help engineer a product from suitable materials with superior functionality. Our industrial profile extrusions have proven their durability and reliability for 60 years…and counting. We have served the point of purchase industry for decades and know how important premium appearance and consistency are to the overall display in this fast paced industry.

Hall knows our customers rely on us for providing products where the last piece off the line is the same as the first sample. Our experienced production staff ensures that you receive parts with uniform specifications on each and every order.

PVC ExtrusionsOur customers benefit from our ability to create profiles combining compatible plastics or using multiple colors. Using the process of co-extrusion, or tri-extrusion, Hall can eliminate arduous and previously commonplace secondary work, such as gluing or painting.

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Standard Products

In our over 60 years of providing custom plastic extrusions we have accumulated a wide array of stock tools. We invite you to look below for a product which meets your needs.

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Extruded Plastic ProductsC-Channels C-Channels are available in clear PVC or HIPS in a variety of colors with or without adhesive tape on the back, for easy application.

To see our selection of C-Channels Click here

J & H Channels For downloadable drawings of or J & H Channels Click Here.

PVC ExtrusionClip-On Sign Channels and other Miscellaneous Parts Click Here for drawings.

Traffic Markers Our Co-Extruded Traffic Delineators include the Flexx 2020 and Railrider with different sizes and colors of retroreflective sheeting.